People who have problems getting to sleep at nighttime or who wake up very often during the night are probably struggling with one of the sleep problems that go under the collective name of insomnia. Insufficient sleep could affect the normal routine of a person considerably.

It can cause people to feel exhausted all day and stop them from concentrating properly on work or study

It could make people tetchy and grumpy. Suffering from insomnia can adversely affect a persons quality of life.

When you are thinking of how to stop insomnia you ought to divide your evening activities into two groups. One group is the things that are stopping you from sleeping and the 2nd group would be the things which will help you to sleep well.

There are many things which could stop you from having a refreshing night of sleep and they need to be avoided. Avoid eating a large meal at dinner time as your body will not be able to relax when your digestive system is active. Going to sleep on an empty stomach is also not advisable because that can keep you wakeful. Avoid eating snacks before bed because most of them contain carbohydrates and sugar that could cause the blood sugar level to rise and give the body an energy burst when it should be in the resting state.

You ought to avoid drinking beverages like colas, tea and coffee which have caffeine in them as this stimulant will keep you wide awake. Over the counter medicines often contain caffeine. Nicotine and alcohol have a stimulating effect on your body that will keep you wakeful so you shouldn’t indulge if you want to have a good sleep.

You shouldn’t watch television while you are in bed because it could stimulate your brain and make it difficult to get to sleep. You should make sure that your exercise program is completed several hours before bedtime. Exercise often stimulates your body and does not necessarily make it tired or relaxed. Taking a nap during the daytime is not good, wait for bedtime to go to sleep.